Autodesk® Architectural Desktop

Especially conceived for professionals of the CI and based on AutoCAD®, ADT enables us to be productive immediately, while integrating powerful and effective "trade" functions.


ArcView has become the standard of the GIS Office automation. ArcView is a powerful tool to manage, visualize, question and analyze all the data having a space component.

BaCAD Desktop

BaCAD Desktop is the tool essential to offices of civil engineers. It is composed of a certain number of modules, gathered around a core. The unit simplifies the development of plans for frames and casing. It also automates the creation of corresponding steel lists.


The advisor of PME's in their IT structure. Middle man indispensable between the client and the professionals, ALGS supervises the new electrical installations as well as the computer and phone installations.

Jean-Marie Evrard ( Web Design & Web Development )

Specialized in the development of professional applications generating strong added value intended for large companies, this company of international dimension takes an active part in the development of competences of their customers through the sector of Web and E-Trade development.


• German - Mrs Rita Galatola
• English - Mr Alan Davidson
• Italian - Mr Paolo Di Minico

To answer positivily your agents, you seek an experienced team able to put together plans in a very short time.

Whatever your sphere of activity, whether you are a civil engineer, architect, contractor, technical director, or urban planner, with increasing needs for subcontracting, GMT brings effective solutions to each one of your challenges.

With a flexible and dynamic structure, GMT offers to you excellent expertise by its knowledge of the Swiss construction market and in particular the Genevois area. GMT places at your disposal its perfect knowledge of construction standards.

With the use of advanced technologies, GMT covers all the needs of compatibility of your projects. Our partners take an active part in our technological development in order to offer quality service.

Thanks to its commitment towards professionals, GMT has acquired a solid reputation in the market of technical computer graphics and uses its success to satisfy demanding and diversified customers.

Do not hesitate to contact us to obtain an offer for your projects, whether it be for total or partial services, or for a specific support.